The Dark Synth is an additive synthesizer with some unique characteristics.
You can define a waveform of up to 2048 partials (sine waves) for its main oscillator, the ADDITIVE
oscillator, using presets waveforms, spectral processing algorithms and freehand drawing.

Moreover you can add up to 128 copies of the Additive oscillator, and each copy (generator) can be detuned and phase-shifted with respect to the others. This creates a sort of chorus which is very natural and deep, because it is not realized with modulated delay lines, but using an actual “choir” of generators.
This is probably the main distinctive characteristic of the DS.
At its maximum you have 2048*128 = 262,144 “virtual” sine waves for a single voice.

You also have a SUB oscillator, which can play classical band limited waveforms, and also noise tones.
The Dark Synth is particularly suited for creating monophonic lead synth sounds, but it is also
capable of producing very interesting evolving timbres, whether mono or polyphonic.

Download the Manuals of the Device:
Dark Synth Reference Manual – pdf version
Dark Synth Reference Manual – iBooks version (require iBooks for Mac or Ipad)

Here is a video of the instrument: