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Amazing Noises are well known for producing original audio software and Max for Live devices. Now, they’re bringing a new production challenge centered around their Granular Mirror Maze Ableton Live device, a modulated feedback delay and reverberator. Create an original track featuring the device in Ableton Live and you can win cool prizes from Amazing […]

The Dark Synth is an additive synthesizer with some unique characteristics. You can define a waveform of up to 2048 partials (sine waves) for its main oscillator, the ADDITIVE oscillator, using presets waveforms, spectral processing algorithms and freehand drawing. Moreover you can add up to 128 copies of the Additive oscillator, and each copy (generator) […]

  We are proud to announce that our two devices “Spectrum Sampler” and “Harmonic Runner” are now both available at! They now have a new slick dark interface, a new name (the “Grip” and “Spectrum Runner”), a series of 50 exciting presets and the great sound you already know. They are available in bundle […]

This is a simple but effective Max for Live Virtual Instrument: it has two oscillators in ring modulation, plus variable noise modulating the oscillators phase. In connection with Live audio effects it can create a wide variety of sounds. Mikro_0 is FREE! Here is a video of the virtual instrument in action:

The Grain Crusher is a Max for Live device which performs “Extreme Grain Manipulation”. It is essentially a noise and glitch FSU audio effect: you can get a lot of strange and unique sounds from its 3 processing modules: the Delay Modulator, the Frequency Mangler and the External Loop. The Grain Crusher runs in Ableton Live […]

Hi, here is a new Max for Live device: the Granular Stereo Faker. It is a subtle granular delay: the different delays between right and left channel create the stereo effect. This is more audio FX than a stereo enhancer, but I use it a lot, to give life to static mono sounds. Granula Stereo […]