Dub Filter


The Dub Filter is a dual low-pass/high-pass 24/48 dB filter, with resonance and the exclusive Overlap parameter. It is a free device reserved to our Newsletter subscribers. To get it (and all the future free devices we will add).



SKU: AP1321

The Dub Filter is a dual low-pass high-pass state variable filter with resonance and overlap factor.
It is a free device




Filter: this parameter sets the cut off frequency and the filter type. From -100 to 0 it is a low pass filter with cutoff frequency gradually increasing from 0 Hz to 15000 Hz, from 0 to 100 it becomes a high pass filter with cutoff frequency gradually increasing from 0 Hz to 15000 Hz.

Overlap: the overlap factor influences the Filter behavior. When it is 0 the Filter parameter has the effect described above. Increasing the overlap factor makes the two filter types (low pass and high pass) to gradually overlap (i.e. the high pass effect begins before the low pass section has completed its path), and when the overlap is at its maximum, the filter behaves like a band pass (because the low-pass and the high-pass sections have nearly the same cut off frequency)

Resonance: this is the amount of resonance the filter has at its cut off frequency.

Filter Order: this parameter gradually changes the filter order from 12 dB to 24 dB.

Dry Wet: This is the standard Dry/Wet parameter

The SVF Filter is a slightly modified version of the saturating state variable filter by Yofiel: http://www.yofiel.com/software/cycling-74-patches/svf-saturating-filter
Many thanks to Ernest Leonardo Meyer.