What is it?
is a new interactive real-time program by Alessandro Petrolati for asynchronous/synchronous prototypes granular synthesis.
Pulsaret implements a wide range of time-domain varieties of granular synthesis: glisson, grainlet, trainlet pulsar etc… Sound disintegration, pulverizer, sampled envelope “convolution”, dynamic draw envelope/shape, interpolation-transitions and Hyper Vectorial pads they simplify the creation of incredible sound objects. All parameters are controllable via MIDI learning/rescale and OSC network. Matrix & LFO provide a powerful way to connect one parameter with a dependent parameter/s, implementing all grainlets kind.

Platform Requirements:
Mac OS X (10.4 or higher; G5 or Intel faster recommended);
Windows XP/Vista/7;
QuickTime to enable mpeg support

How much does it cost?
25.00 Euro (plus VAT in UE countries).

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Here is a video of the device:

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